Pansy baskets

Pansy baskets

The pansy baskets have perked up and are looking rather lush out at the front. I fed them seaweed yesterday. A tasty plant treat.

I haven’t even thought about what to blog about today. I’m pretty much consumed with my new job at the moment and the days pretty much fly by. 5 pm still feels like I’m leaving early.

I have a To Do list I have to get through around the house and with any luck, I’ll finally get my quilted wall hanging up tomorrow! Hooray! I picked up the short little curtain rod tonight at the dollar store and will dig up the level to make sure it’s not wonky on the wall. And I think I need a few more flowers and/or plants in the garden because now that it’s all cleaned up, I really have more lawn ornaments than plants in the backyard. Now, that may sound terrific, but it’s not, really.

Somehow summer snuck up on me this year and I didn’t plant anything. I have several bare spots in the backyard that need a little something. I’m not sure what I can plant at this late date because it feels like the dead of summer already. I will find a few good things. I’m sure of it.

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