Perfect fall day


We spent the afternoon out in Steveston today. It was beautiful out AGAIN. We’ve had so many crisp, sunny days in a row, it’s kind of unbelievable. I don’t miss the rain one bit and I am loving the sun and cool air. Very glorious.

Out in the park were these Emily Carr trees. HUGE ones! Also nearby? Oak trees. I found plenty of acorn tops, but not many full acorns. I believe the squirrel took them ALL! I saw him burying them in the ground in between hiding from the dog.

An Emily Carr tree.

I took a few minutes in between chats with pals to take some photos in they park nearby. I was hoping to get photos of the Buddhist temple a few blocks away, but by the time we were finished, it was way too dark out and the temple was closed to guests. It is a beautiful building outside. I can only imagine what it’s like inside. We will have to go back out that way and check it out. I’m curious. I think I know someone who frequents that temple, so I’ll ask her about it. Sadly, it looks like no photos are allowed inside. Too bad – there is a golden statue (very large) in the window. Anyway, I’ll put that on the list under, “cool stuff to do in the future”.

In the park

That was a lovely break.

Tomorrow we’re going to a local pumpkin patch and then I’ll be carving out the pumpkin for 2013. I’ll be looking for a flattish, oblong pumpkin so I can recreate this jack-o-lantern.

He’s got a very wide smile.

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