Salmon run at Adams River – Part 1

Oof. That was really not what I expected. I pictured going to a provincial park where we’d park and walk along with some other people over to the water to see the salmon swimming. Instead, we arrived to a provincial park (just outside Kamloops) with a massive, directed, paid parking lot along with what seemed like thousands of cars parked around us. I was stunned. I had heard there would be some porta-potties to deal with the visitors, but I had not expected this at all. There were catering trucks, a tee-pee serving bannock and a craft fair near nearby – it was called A Salute to the Salmon. This was quite the party.

The paths were absolutely packed with people. This was not how I wanted to see the salmon. I wished I had done more homework before we had driven 5 hours out there – starting with a remote area to take photos.

But, we joined the masses and started taking photos:

Mike took all the underwater camera shots.

Mike takes great photos, so I’m sure he’ll got something good with that camera. It’s film, so we just have to wait to get the photos developed. Poor guy, even though the water was absolutely full of salmon still swimming, there were also plenty of already dead and rotting fish. The water smelled pretty bad, and next time, rubber gloves will be in the bag with us. P.U.

Next time I’ll wear rubber boots. I didn’t think to bring my pair, but they would have come in handy. I think I could have gotten better photos if I had been able to get even closer to/in the water a bit – careful of the salmon, of course.


  1. Marnie says:

    Carol, I really like the last photo. It looks quite surreal with their body shape and the refraction from the water. Adams River is a big hike out for sure! We’ve stopped there a few times to get picture’s of the signs. I like to think of it as Adam’s River ;0) I haven’t been there for the salmon run. Rubber boots would be a good call. I never would have thought off all the death either. Poor salmon.

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