Salmon run at Adam’s River – part 2

The reason why I wanted to head out to see the salmon run this year is because it was the biggest run of salmon in 100 years. I found that to be hopeful. Ever since I moved to Vancouver in 1991, there has always been a big concern about the number of these fish and earlier this year, there were reports of hardly any salmon around. So yay! Out of nowhere (I’m no scientist) piles and piles of salmon arrived and everything’s going to be okay!

Then I found the content to be a bit sad. Poor salmon. They came all this way…and now, this is the end for the adults…

That’s it. They were born here, swam out to the ocean, swam around for 4 years, and swam back here to reproduce and, well, die. That’s just a sad story, is all. I know the cycle will start again, so some more salmon will be on their adventures next. But still. That’s it? I just felt bad about that.

I think I’d better find a place to take photos of the beginning stages – like fingerlings and the salmon heading out to the ocean. The end on it’s own is a bit sad for me.


  1. anna says:

    I’m with you darlin, the end on its own is far too sad. πŸ™

    And who knew salmon were so unattractive?

    Sushi soon?

    Lol… sorry, couldn’t resist πŸ˜‰

  2. susie says:

    It is sad but its a lot better than having their lives cut short unnaturally due to fishing or something. It’s kind of like natures way of giving out guilt free fish.

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