Saving money on that fog machine

Some movie companies pay big bucks to create this scene that I was able to walk through on my way home after work. I was out with pals until way past 8:30, so that’s why it’s so dark in this photo. It’s not quite November yet, so the sun is still up after 5 pm.

The foggy streetI love this weather. It’s still warm(ish) out, and when you walk through the fog, you can feel the tiniest droplets on your face and hair. Just the teensiest. I hope this weather stays for awhile – at least until we get through Halloween.

Foggy treesWe haven’t gotten our Halloween decorations out just yet, but will do that this week. We have an exciting addition to add to our collection this year. I’m not sure if I should spoil it just yet or not. I was HOPING that tonight I could get home early enough to grab him on my way home, but no luck.


So tomorrow you will meet him in person. Wanna see him? Okay!


I cannot wait to get him home and pose him all around the house! YES!

See you tomorrow.

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