Ships in the night

I was at my buddy, Sharon’s, house tonight and the view of the sea from her balcony was filled with boats. Well, maybe not filled, but I counted 5 ships. Usually there’s one or two, but I’ve never seen 5 before. I didn’t envy those sailors tonight. It is cold. It snowed this morning, then turned to very chilly rain the rest of the day.

Other than that, today marked my first day of job searching in earnest. Not Ernest. Know what I mean, Vern? Part of me wants to blog and document this whole event, but a bigger part of me says, “NO WAY.”. So, I’m not sure what I’m going to do about that. Pretend it’s not happening? That’s my preference today. Maybe keep a journal offline somewhere else and when I’m good and employed, bust it out? I’ve already got a few stories I could share, but that wouldn’t help anyone at this juncture.

Maybe I should blog about something else all together and just let you know when I’ve secured something and leave it at that. OR, maybe I should do a LEGO reenactment of my job search every day – just one pose of the LEGO that describes how the job hunt is going or what I did that day. Hmmm…I think that could work! Interpretive dance with LEGO. I think the Advent Calendar just may start a little bit earlier this year.

Time to get out the toy boxes. Why did I think I should bring out the skeleton first? Or maybe that Playmobil lady with the flower dress…So many choices.


  1. Kelaine says:

    You are in the odd space of being someone who used to help people get jobs, now looking for a job yourself. I’m sure you have tons of wisdom about good techniques for resumes and interviews. Perhaps, you can make lego vignettes that demonstrate the same tips you would have given others? These would make excellent posters for HR departments and job hunters. was started by an unemployed dude and now it’s what he does…

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