Skating on Robson Street


I was meeting some buddies after work tonight, so I walked an extra 5,000 steps up to Robson Square. YEEHAW! My Fitbit is happy with me today, and maybe my heart is as well. It’s been chilly in these parts – it even snowed last night. We had big, puffy snowflakes falling down in our backyard, but it was all gone by morning. Anyway, the chilly air is helping keep the little ice rink going. The place was pretty busy for a Monday night a 5:30.

And, in honour of my sister’s birthday today, I feel compelled to post this photo of us again.

We are so BAD ASS!

This is pretty much my favourite photo of my sister and I. I’m sure we were in San Diego. We used to drive there in a camper in the summer to visit relatives. From Calgary! It was so hot! It took like 5 days to get there! And then this one time, we went to an all you can eat buffet in Las Vegas and my Grandma and Grandpa came with us in the camper and we all slept in the camper together. There were tons of places to sleep – the bed, the kitchen table folded into a bed, the cupboards folded out into a single bed above the kitchen table (where I slept). It could easily sleep 6. Anyway, we went to an all you can eat buffet in Vegas and I got a little carried away. In the middle of the night, I started barfing, but I was sleeping above my Grandma and Grandpa on the cupboard that folded out into a single bed. My mom was so quick that she got a bucket out and I barfed directly above my Grandpa’s head and he didn’t even wake up.


I love travel stories! And animal prints!

And my sister’s birthday!

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  1. Chris (@lyteforce) says:

    Did you go skating?! I keep saying I’ll give Robson Square a skate, but never actually do. And by skate, I also mean move in a general forward direction using walls/people/butt-on-ice-eventually to stop.

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