Spring rain

I haven’t brought out the lensbaby in ages and thought today was a good day for it. It’s warm and rainy out these days. The plants love it and I’m so glad it’s soggy so I don’t have to mow the lawn. I can only put that chore off for so long. The dandelions have sprung up with a fury, so I really shouldn’t put it off much longer.

I’ve started watching, Fashion Star, in an effort to learn about fashion design. In the very near future, I’ll be helping fashion designers find jobs, so I should start learning something about this field. Tonight is the first time I’ve watched this show, and apparently flood pants are IN! Yay! I have a pair, so that is good news. Perhaps I’ll wear them to the graduation ceremony on Thursday! I’ll totally impress the grads and their guests.

I’m so glad I watched this show!

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