Sunburst without the papers

Sunburst! Papers are out!

The sunburst pieces are all sewn together and the papers have been pulled out of each rectangle. The easy part is done. Now, I have to appliqué this huge sunburst on the background. Of course I picked grey. It had to be grey. It’s the dark, Amish grey I like so much and the sunburst looks great on it. It could also be that the skies have been very grey lately. Actually, today, not so much. We got a break from the rain and I opened up all the windows to let the fresh air in. Tomorrow it will be back to grey skies and rain. Perfect for sewing after the job searching done.

Job search is job search-y. Nothing to report there. I’ve also got some more temp work coming in up this week and next, so that’s good. ONWARD!

Sunburst with heart pin

I guess the “trick” to making the sunburst stay in its spot is to pin every single rectangle down. That’s what I did. That thing is full of spikes! It’s not going anywhere. Now I have to do an invisible hem stitch along the edges. Good luck to me. I’m not quite sure I know how to do that.


I’m pretty sure I DON’T know how to do that.

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