That’s how we roll on the 135

My fellow Accordion Bus riding passengers

As you can see, I have been enjoying my little google phone camera – especially since getting the instagram app. I didn’t deliberately set out to amass this collection of my fellow transit riders. It started with the girl with the awesome afro who sat across from me on my favourite spot on the bus – the single seat right in the accordion part of the bus. There are two single seats right across from each other, so if I get one seat, I just wait to see who sits across from me and then take the photo. Lucky passenger!

I think I’ll carry on with this tradition for the next little while. I always like to take a quiet, candid photo. I like to feel like I’m capturing an “honest” moment.

Even if they are all having their honest moments with their smart phones.

We all love our phones on the 135, that’s for sure.

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