The eagle that looked like an old turkey vulture

Seriously. He looks like a buzzard.

This juvenile Bald Eagle sure looked grumpy. Maybe he was just hungry and all those darn people and their dogs were chasing away the rodents he needed to eat for lunch. Wait. I just read that he would be called an eaglet and he eats whatever his parents bring him to eat. Oh. Well that explains that. He’s waiting for his parents to bring home some drive thru. I hope it’s Wendy’s. They have the most delicious fries.

So this doesn’t explain these two in the nearby tree.

Hanging out.

But what we did see from this eaglet was the answer to the age old question, “What happens when an eagle poos?”. I was lucky  that I wasn’t standing right under him (or her) when it happened, and lucky (?) for me, I did get it on camera. WAIT! NO! Nothing hit the camera, but I did accidentally catch the action as it happened. I won’t say much other than 1) it looked like toothpaste and 2) just like a seagull’s, but bigger.

There you have it.

All by myself

One more solitary eagle photo.

But all these photos of eagles by themselves is a bit misleading because the trees all around the park and near the highway looked like this:

Dripping with eagles!

It was a full house of eagles.

I’m also happy to report I sewed another 12 inches for my quilt this weekend. I’ll show you those blocks later.

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