The early bloomer

The Yucca plants (which I like to call the Wakka Wakka plants) out front of our place are dripping in buds. The Wakka Wakka flowers grow on the tall stakes or stems and they are actually looking pretty healthy these days. We weeded and pull out all kinds of dead leaves and garbage in between the plants a few weeks ago, and I think the plants appreciated it. Usually the plants are covered in ants and look pretty sad. But not today. The plants are ready to go, and one flower beat out all the rest. Over the next few days, I’m sure the blooms will all be open. But for now, this flower will have to do.

I am still working on resizing and uploading even more KneeKnacker photos, but my computer isn’t exactly cooperating. I’ve got to sort it out because tomorrow I’ve got a photo shoot to do. I’m doing head shots for a friend who’s an actor, so tomorrow after work, we’ll be going to Cole Harbour and the graffiti wall in Gastown with a couple of changes of clothes. Looks like we’ll be shooting after the thunder and lightning storm. Too bad. I think lightning in the background would make a great head shot that would definitely stand out amongst the rest.

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