The mountains, a man and his tiny dog.

Mountains, a man, a little dog and the train. So much going on in this alley!

Snow on the North Shore Mountains, a man, a little dog and the train. So much going on in this side street to the alley. But this is typical Gastown, that’s for sure. The streets are full of tiny dogs. That’s kinda my favourite part of working here – that and the possibility of seeing my buddy, Ryan Smith, in the neighbourhood.

The day before New Year’s Eve was a bright and, surprisingly, chilly one. I’ve been cold all day long. But the sky was blue and the sun was shining, so it made for a lovely day. And, just like that! Tomorrow is the last day of 2015. I feel like this year just sped by. I would have to say our summer was the best part. Nova Scotia was a huge highlight for me this year. Such family! Such friends! Such lobster. It was good.

Also this year, I had (and continue to) update my wardrobe so I’m looking a little more done up. It’s just kinda required for this job. I think I’m doing okay because a couple of weeks ago, someone remarked I looked very business-like. Who? ME? Whoa. Okay. That’s good. Part of this change included buying a new purse (very worky work) which is awesome, but does not have room for a camera in it. I am relying on my phone for photos these days. I think I’m going to have to come up with some other solution so I always have my camera with me again. I miss having it with me. But for now, camera phone photos will have to do. Yesterday’s and today’s turned out okay.

Tomorrow we’ll have a quiet New Years Eve watching movies. And then a little break before business as per usual. We will live large this weekend! I will savour every minute.

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