The Reader

The Reader
The Reader at VanDusen Gardens today. She’s leaning against a sculpture.

So, today was a fun day! We celebrated my birthday in style with our buddies, Patrick and Heather.  We made a trip to VanDusen Gardens for a photowalk and for tea. We went for the “casual afternoon tea” – a good starting point for Mike and Patrick who had never gone for a tea service before today. We had the house tea (delightful! Tasty!) and lovely, tasty sandwiches and treats. It was very casual in that there was no “special treatment” as compared to other places for tea – where they frequently come to check up on you and make sure you’ve got enough hot water for your tea and stuff. I have to admit, I did miss that. But the Coconut Lemon Cookies were so nice and so were the scones, raspberry jam and clotted cream. *MWAH!* Heavenly!

After that, we toured around the gardens…visited the Rose Garden, the maze, The Faerie Fern Area (that’s not what it’s really called, but that’s what I called it.) and the Fragrant Garden.

Buttery yellow lilies

These buttery yellow lilies smelled lovely. And so did the giant rosemary bush.

I’d say this birthday was a success. I didn’t make a birthday cake this year, but I did have a Confetti Cake Blizzard from Dairy Queen, so that was just as good as a cake.

And now, I want more tea.

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