The Refuse Show

This is a real garbage can. I lives on the waterfront right next to the Vancouver Sails – right where I took this photo. I drive past it every day I pick up Mike from work. I took this photo a few weeks ago and didn’t post it. Today is the perfect day for this photo – Kelaine actually suggested the title above in a facebook comment to me today. Today was the day to register for the big Vancouver 12X12 Film event, and by the time I was able to get to the computer, the tickets were all gone.

I’m gutted.

I even started practicing today. Instead of using film to practice, I decided to use my adapter – I can attach the toy camera lenses to my Nikon with this plastic gizmo. This way I won’t be spending so much money on film and development. My plan was/is to start with the film closer to the event. At least by that time I’ll have picked out a lens to work with and maybe even a style.

Here are a couple of photos I took today with the 55 mm wide angle lens. The bonus of using this lens is that it has a connecting lens for close ups! So…it’s two in one, really. The close up lens just connects on top of the 55mm – you don’t have to take the lens off the camera at all. I liked the photos with the close up lens much better than the regular one.

Here are my favourites from the day.

The caution tape. Some guys were digging up the alley and were doing some electrical work. This was taken with the close up lens.

This happy fellow was photographed with the regular lens. He’s looking dapper in his suit and his red and white striped tie. I like how he was smiling right at me. I didn’t ask him or anything, just put my camera up and took the photo. It really helps that today was a sunny day, too. The streets were filled with happy, smiling people.

Here’s another close up photo.

This is the top of a different garbage can. I never noticed the cheerful words on them before. They line they streets down by Waterfront Station.

So…that was today in faux-film world. So. What am I going to do next? Here’s my plan:

1) I’m on the waitlist. If someone cancels, I could get a last minute entry.
2) I just might crash the event. Even if I can’t get an official entry, I can do it guerrilla style – still do all the tasks – my photos just won’t be eligible for judging. Then I can have my own show! LOLS! The Refuse Show!

So…I guess I’ll keep practicing. You just never know what will happen. It’s worth being on the waitlist.


  1. Kelaine says:

    I actually meant to type refusés… But my crazy computer is not fond of fast typing.

    Here is more about the french beautiful art tradition of Salon des Refusés:és

    I’ve actually been to some Refusés shows that were better than the curated show. The punk-@ssed spirit brings a little something extra! So yes, I’m all for a guerilla Carol. And if necessary, I’ll will have my friends draw 12 themes from a hat and you can post them on-line.

  2. John Roberts says:

    I am totally using my LensBaby this year, I have a nice Nikon FTn that I will be using with that lens

  3. Cynthia says:

    Damn! Well I hope you get in from the wait list but if not I love Kelaine’s idea of the 12 themes and you post online- in fact I like that better! Do it!

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