The Spring Ledge

The entrance ledge

Our entrance is a skinny little place and there’s no room for a proper shelf. Instead, I used a ledge that’s about 3 inches wide and decorate it for holidays and themes. It was way past Valentines Day when I decided to bring out the wooden tulips  and a baby chick made from Swarovski crystal. Also, the letter B. But I think I brought that out for Chinese New Year. I was a little bit late for the first day of Spring 2015. Just a little bit.

Mike and I are both represented in this ledge and so are the kitties. That’s  me with the crown on and I’m holding Oscar. He’s a fancy cat and says, “Miau” not “Meow” like Donner does. Donner is super meowy and out yodels Oscar for breakfast and dinner these days. He’s pretty yelly.
 A little bit late for spring

We’ve had plenty of rain today. Around 3 pm, I notice it was quite dark out. We all stopped doing our work in the office and BANG! Thunder Clap! It was excellent. Spring is here! The blossoms are here, and soon the warmth will be here. It’s a little bit chilly tonight.

This week is looking good for events and other festivities.

And soon? Easter break! I get 3 days off and Mike gets…10. How does that work? I have no idea.

Not. Fair.

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