The Steps

Up the steps

After a less than stellar Faturday breakfast (Never. Again.) – I won’t mention the name of the restaurant, but it was sadly lacking in all aspects. This is not a restaurant review blog (lucky for them) so just know we have learned from this unpleasant experience and moved on.

In an effort to cleanse the palette, we went for a drive to the country. We headed out to Langley, but got stuck in traffic, so we made a turn to head home and came across Napier’s Country Antiques so we decided to stop and have a look. It is very deceiving from the outside – it looks kinda small. But once you go inside, it’s a huge maze of all kinds of things – oldie time furniture, signs, cast iron teapots, doors and windows. It just snaked around and around with more windows! More bread boxes! More oak furniture!

We went out back where there were storage containers full of more old things and a trolly bus thing and a double decker bus ALSO FULL OF ALL THE THINGS! It was incredible. It was a fun little adventure. I want to go back around Christmas. Who knows what will be out on display then?

I think the rest of the day will be spent watching movies and sewing.

I’m grateful to have a quiet day in.

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