The Twinkle Lights of Gastown

The twinkly lights of Gastown.

Oh, the first day back to work after Daylight Savings time. I just love it. Firstly, it felt like I got to sleep in, so I didn’t even have to have a snooze on the train into work. The sun was up before me, so that was a nice treat as well.

This was the first day in awhile that I felt chilly in my jacket and shoes. Sadly, it’s that time again. Time to wear socks and do up my jacket. I’ve been wearing scarves for a few weeks now, so I’m already in the habit there. Also, today I could see my breath. It was about 9 pm tonight, but still, I could see it. As soon as I got home, I put the heat on in the bedroom. This is the first time we’ve put the heat on in months. I think Mike was hoping to never turn it on.

Not long after 5 o’clock, the night was rolling in and I took this photo on my way to meet some buddies after work. Gastown has all the trees covered in tiny twinkle lights all year round. I forget they’re there in the summer, but tonight they looked lovely. It’s two days after Halloween and I’m ready for the coziness of Christmas, I think. I saw some Christmas displays out already.

I don’t need to put out all the Christmas stuff, but I can totally get some warm and comfy things out in preparation.

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