Up with the birds

I asked my Chinese buddy at work what time Chinatown opens on Sunday morning. “Early.” He said. “Like 8:00. And if you go then, all the old people are out.”. Does he know what he’s talking about or what?

My buddy, Lelainia and I headed into Chinatown early this morning – we got there around 9:45. Early for me on a weekend. That must mean I’m young, then, right? RIGHT!

Earlier this week Chinatown was declared a National Historic Site by the government. Congratulations, Chinatown! I don’t believe there are too many Historical Sites in our neck of the woods. Although we can’t forget Hysterical Abbotsford. That’s a lovely historic site. Anyway, we toured around the newly declared Historic Chinatown and found mysterious places.

We found a few mysterious doors. Like this pretty blue and red one.

And this Harry Potter door – 224 1/2!

One half? I didn’t try it, but I’m pretty sure there’s a secret train station behind that door with a bunch of kids on their way to magic school. And maybe on their way to magic class, they picked up a few of these dried newts:

Oh no! Newts on a stick! Do you eat them like popsicles? Nah. I think you just throw them in the cauldron.

Lelainia pointed out this wall of signs in one of the meat shops.

Froz old squab. It doesn’t sound very appetizing. Thank goodness I watched that episode of Two and a Half Men about the squab or else I wouldn’t know what that is. Spoiler alert – it’s pigeon.

Meanwhile, down the street, we found this hand drawn sign filled with Chinese characters and drawings.

Not only did I find this sign quite mysterious, but it was located in a shop that was absolutely filled with junk and Italian canned foods. It looked like some sort of Hoarder situation. There was also a sign that said it would be open tomorrow. I guess it’s a shop for hoarders? I’ll see if I can get this sign translated.

And this Fresh Egg Mart?

It was actually a flower shop.

I can’t explain any of these things.

All. Mysteries.


  1. Denise says:

    Very nice clear and bright photos Carol – I like them very much. And thanks for taking us along with you on another great adventure of yours.

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