We Did It

We did it.

We saw this boat a few weeks back in Nova Scotia. I still have photos to post, so I’ll keep putting them up every now and then. I loved the name of this boat because it reminds me of that McDonald’s commercial where the guy says completely deadpan, “You did it.” when the guy finds enough change in the couch to buy a burger. HEH.

Comedy. Gold.

All I did today was stay home, sleep, sew and make some dinner. It was a perfect Sunday and makes for a pretty boring blog post. If there was anything that I can share that was helpful and entertaining, I listened to the entire season of Mystery Show while sewing today! The woman that narrates it and solves the mysteries sounds so sweet and fun, I can see why she can get people to tell her things and get help finding answers to the weird and obscure questions she has. I can’t wait for the next season to start. I think that was 6 hours (or more) of solid podcast listening. HA! I certainly didn’t get all my steps in today.

And, I am just about finished my Kitchen Sink quilt top. I added another row on the top:

Sleep with the Union Jack

I sewed up the another row that I’ll add to the bottom (I think) and then it’s time to quilt it up! I found some more blocks and chunks of things I made ages ago.

It’s all getting put into this quilt top.

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