Wild animal action!

As I waited for the bus to get home after work, I heard some birds squawking above me. Remembering a fact I read somewhere about birds crapping every 15 minutes, I stepped out of the line of fire and patiently waited for my mode of transportation to roll up. Something about the sound reminded me of baby birds. Sure enough, on second glance, they were baby crows – well, maybe not babies, but youths. And they were hungry.

The birds were so fast, that even though I had my camera on continuous blast and could see the whole scene of the little bird getting fed, I didn’t catch it on camera. I got before and after, though.

Here’s the after:

Yum! Delicious! I’m sure that was some tasty worm dinner, or maybe something selected out of a nearby dumpster.

The other little birds made a bunch of noise as the mom bird flew away. I had to hop on the bus before I saw the return trip. But that was pretty cool. It was like Wild Kingdom in the city.

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