Yellow for the pope

Yellow for the new pope

I met my old work pal, Catherine, for lunch today – coincidentally just after the announcement of the new pope! Pope Francis! I’m not religious. I’m not even Catholic, but I like his name as St. Francis of Assisi is the saint of animals and the environment. And merchants. You know why merchants are good? They employ a lot of students at the school where I work. I have a new respect for retail now I work at this school.

Catherine went to the cathedral on Dunsmuir as she heard the church bells ringing, and soon, the press was at the cathedral interviewing people’s response to the big news.

They were decorating the main door to the cathedral as we were leaving. Apparently this is one of the main colours in the papal flag. I didn’t go by after work to see if they had put a white one up as well – I looked it up – the colours of the flag are white and yellow.

By the time I got to the cathedral, the scrum was over, the last camera person was walking back to the CBC, and the church was mostly empty inside. We took a look around anyway and listened as the organist played the big pipe organ.

Statues, Mary of Guadalupe & the organ

It’s been some time since I visited the cathedral, but there was a large print of Mary of Guadalupe that I hadn’t seen before and nearly every prayer candle was lit.

Nearly all of them were lit!

After taking a few photos, Catherine and I headed across the street for some pretty expensive corned beef sandwiches – but very, very tasty. And a pickle. The decor was fun and they had a big collection of fancy glass around the booths.

Glass + bokeh

And across the street? Hellebores in pots. A very springtime flower around these parts.


Here’s to spring! I think Saint Francis of Assisi would like that.

The cathedral

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