18 inches in one day.

I sewed 6 whole blocks today. I hadn’t sewn a single block since last Saturday, so I had some catching up to do. I got them all done. I’m all caught up with the exception of redoing the bonus block. I can do that tomorrow since I only need to do 1 block. Yah!

6 X 3 inches = 18 inches!

Tomorrow I’ll get out my proper camera and take better photos. For some reason, it looks like I’m using purple fabric, but I’m not. Those purple pieces are dark grey.

I’m not sure why these teensy, tiny blocks are so nice to make, but they are. I’m thinking that part of it is because of my new sewing machine (Whoa. It’s a year old next month. That was quick!). The foot holds the fabric together very nicely under the foot, so there’s no sliding or slipping at all. This makes the sewing go by quickly (plus the pieces are so little, they sew up in a snap) and they make for nice, straight lines. For the most part, the blocks are pretty close to how they should look and I seem to be getting better and better at measuring accurately. I am also measuring as I go along to make sure I’m on track and the squaring them up carefully. So much of sewing is preparation. It’s kind of like painting in a way. You spend so much time cleaning and taping, and then, FINALLY! The painting! That’s how this feels. But it doesn’t take that long to prep because it’s all so little.

So that was today. I did not make my 10,000 step goal for the day. But, I DID sew 18 whole inches, so that feels pretty productive.

Editor’s Note: Just in case you’re wondering what the pattern for this quilt will be, it’s a 365 Challenge. Apparently, I’m making this.


We’ll see about that.

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