A gigantic star

Dirty old sheets

Things seem to take longer to finish than I think they should. Turning these dirty, old thrifted sheets into a beautiful quilt is one of those things I expected to come together a bit quicker. Before I started sewing, I washed the pile of sheets above in very hot water with a couple of cap-fulls of Dettol for good measure. I got that unpleasant thrift store funk/dead skin cell smell right out of them.

I was reminded the other day about how much I like the look of Amish quilts – especially that dark, charcoal grey they often use. I picked up some nice grey fabric yesterday for this very project, but found I liked some dark blue Kona fabric I picked up at The Social Fabric (back in March) much better with the colours in these sheets. I’ll file the grey fabric for the away for the future.

I got busy cutting up several 18 inch squares to make this project and got this far after about 3 hours.

The star on the bed

I just need to sew all the squares together next.

It’s huge! And I’m so glad. I’ll add a border around it so it will be even bigger and we can have this on the bed for non-seasonal times. Like the boring time in winter between New Years and Easter.

Since this week I’ve got Wednesday off, I’m hoping to get some sewing in. And I can also make a dent in it next weekend as well.


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