All is quiet on New Years Day

I don’t get excited for regular New Years Day, but for Chinese New Year? I sure do. I found an easy sewing project to work on today using some cool dragon fabric I picked up last year. Too bad I didn’t pick up more of this fabric. I love it!

I decided on an easy project today because I recently realized that I really don’t have the basics of sewing down at all. And I really don’t have much basic quilting experience, either. I spent a lot of last year making things I didn’t like. I didn’t even send one homemade gift this year – I didn’t like anything I made. In an effort to change this, I need to practice, practice, practice. I need to put more hours on the sewing machine to get better. I’ll be making a bunch of easy projects. I’ll show you what I’ve started soon.

But first, more dragon pillowcase photos.

Sadly, I realized after I uploaded the photo that one of the pillows is upside down. I’m sure you get the gist. They’re colourful and cheerful. January 23rd welcomes the Year of the Dragon – and he’s a big deal in the Chinese zodiac, so this year should be awesome in Chinatown. I cannot wait to hit TNT and see what kind of dragon-y goodness they’ll have for sale this year.

Our bedroom is totally boring. I’m hoping to rectify this problem in the near future. These pillow cases are a good start. I used this tutorial to make them which was kind of weird. They each have a cuff AND an accent band and you roll them up when you sew them together. I roll this up and then sew? I didn’t trust it would work, but it really did. The second one whipped up quickly. Cute! Fancy! Cool!

This photo was taken moments before the boyz had a mini-fight. Donner quickly backed down.

Also, those curtains are looking BAD. Yuck. I can’t believe I sleep in the same room as them. Blech.

For my other regular practice project, I’m going to make piles upon piles of scrappy squares – using the same simple pattern I used for the potholder I made in November. I really like sewing on paper. The results are sharp and clean.

I’m not going to use the snowflake square. It won’t fit in. Also, it’s goofy.

An average queen sized quilt is 90×100 inches long. If I were to make 2 10X10 inch scrappy squares every day for a month and a half, I’ll have created a queen sized quilt top for our bed. This will be an easy way to use what I’ve got on hand and to make something pretty for our bedroom.


  1. The Other Denise says:

    The pillow cases look awesome! I love the fabric.
    I know what you mean about the pattern, I had the same reaction too – I’m not sure if my directions were totally the same but at first the pattern didn’t make any sense, but I too decided to be a good little girl and follow the directions and lo and behold they worked out!!
    I like how your tough kitties have a fight on the bed – that’s pretty smart.
    I’m sure your sewing is better than you think, perhaps you’re just being hard on yourself?
    Wishing you a wonderful 2012
    (PS – great post title)

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