Tada! Thanks to your support and encouragement, I finished the “Modern Amish” quilt top. The size is a bit odd – it’s about one cat long by 3 cats wide. But, the challenge was to use all the squares in the Kona solids pack and I did it! In fact, I used some twice because I botched my first few squares, so I bought another pack and threw the ones that weren’t messed up in there, too. I used them all up and added some charcoal grey – the other part of the challenge was to use ALL solids. Phew. Tough for me. I created this design by doing two sets of disappearing nine patches – I made 32 squares from the 5 inch squares and then made another set of disappearing nine patches by alternating charcoal and the other nine-patches. I wanted to use all the squares for the top, or it could have made a perfect baby size quilt and a matching pillow. Oh well. I can do that another time.

The kitties could not NOT lay on it, crawl under it, or bunch it up like a little nest. I had to fight with them to get it a little bit flat.

See what I mean? Sheesh.

And then they started kung-fu fighting on the quilt top.

It ended quickly. Darn! Foiled again! One day I’ll catch in them in the act – with Donner biting Oscar’s ear and then Oscar giving Donner the smack down to abruptly end the whole fight.

In keeping with the Amish tradition of a “humility block” (which, according to this website is a myth. What? NO!) where one block is deliberately made with a mistake as a reminder there is only one perfect being – God. Good news, Amish people, I have a plethora of humility spots all around this quilt! There are plenty of seams that don’t match up perfectly. I did rip and re-sew a few spots, but in the end, I decided I must need to be reminded a lot to be humble, I left humility spot every few inches or so. Oh well. Despite the imperfections, I really like how it turned out.

I think I’ll add a border around it to make it a little wider. It does seem to be the perfect size to be a “runner” for a bed. Have you seen that before? I never have until today (thanks to Eryn at the Fraser Valley Modern Quilting Guild for the link). I could do that. And I’ll have to get some proper Kona fabric for that. My choice of the charcoal grey was a good in colour, but the fabric was quite thin compared to the Kona squares. I think I’m getting the handle on different types and qualities of fabric, and I just may have to expand my repertoire of fabric places to shop at.

I’m learning.


  1. Lelainia N. Lloyd says:

    Well the whoopses can often be quilted out and besides, that’s what makes it folk art. WHen I had a quilt that had a few oopses in it, I would refer to it as “very Amish” because of the whole imperfection thing.

    I think it looks great. If you add borders, you will have a nice lap quilt! It would also make a great table runner. What are you going to quilt in the middle of the grey blocks?

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