Completed cobblestones

Completed cobblestones

Recognize this fabric? It’s Cynthia‘s from about 2 Christmases ago. DREAMY. I am SO happy to be making cobblestone blocks with these fabrics. They’re being used! And the blocks worked out (super easy) and this is going to be a very happy and bright Christmas quilt when I’m finished with it. It will be like Christmas exploded on the bed when I’m through with this quilt. I can’t WAIT. I’ve been day dreaming at work about sewing it. Just finding myself sighing and wishing I was home sewing and sewing and sewing. Oh well. I’ve got this weekend. I can fit in some time to sew. I sewed 2 hours tonight and got all 24 blocks done. Now I have to sew some other squares together, cut them into triangles, and then somehow attach them to these.

I’m sure I can do this. The trick is NOT to rush. Not get impatient trying to finish too quickly. I’ve done that before and the results are not good. Just keep swimming! Just keep swimming!

I also want to add a band or some squares of gray. I think every quilt I make from now on will have some component of gray in it. Like the Amish.

This week has flown by and this the first weekend in a couple weeks I’m not going to any events.

Other than Faturday. I will be celebrating HARD on Saturday. We’ve got such plans.

Just you wait and see!

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  1. Jill says:

    Looks like fun!
    I wanted to thank you for visiting and following my blog! I appreciate it. I look forward to more of your work, as well!!
    Take Care,

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