Halloween bunting COMPLETE!


I did it. I have successfully completed the Halloween bunting! Hooray for us!

Done and done.

I used this tutorial and made my own template. I made the triangles pretty big and I used about 5 1/2 metres of double bias binding. I’m so glad I went the double folded pre-made binding route. It looks really nice close up. Very polished.

I never thought of purple being a Halloween colour, but with orange and black…I think that works pretty well.

The boyz at the door

I think the boyz like it, too. As does our newest Halloween addition to the house – BOO! I put him outside just for this photo.

I finished the bunting up after seeing a World War II movie this afternoon called Fury. We actually left the house and went to the theatre to watch it rather than waiting for it to come out on Netflix. It was very testosterone-y and Shia LaBeouf is the KING of the single eye stream of tears. He cried perfectly. His lip quivered the tiniest of quivers, and his tears streamed in a perfect line down the outside of his eye, leaving a clean streak down his dirty face. Jon Bernthal – that guy from the Walking Dead – really needs to play a guy that’s not a creep next. He’s the creepiest creep that ever did creep and don’t leave your fried eggs around him. BLECH! What about Brad Pitt? He was awesome, very tough and the perfect choice for the leader of the tank soldiers.

Also. The horrors of war.

It was very graphic and disturbing.

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