I nearly forgot…

…but not quite. It seems like a long, long time ago. Back in June, on the first day of the World Cup, before my mom and sister visited, before the graduation ceremony AND the portfolio show, we had a Quilting Bee meeting. We had an assortment of beautiful quilts and a few quilted pouches, like the one Sherri created:


Thankfully I remembered in the nick of time. We went out with pals tonight, so I wasn’t home until around 10 pm. I couldn’t go through the photos tonight, but tomorrow? I’m coming home right after work and will get cracking on posting up all the beautiful quilt photos from last month.

I’m looking forward to Quilting Bee on Thursday. I’ve got a few blocks to show for show and tell. But no finished quilts in quite some time. Mike asked me the other day if I would ever finish another quilt. My answer? I’m not sure. I’ve got plenty of half finished quilts piling up. I should really do something about that. But for now, I’ll keep making blocks. My sewing is getting better and more consistent, so I’m happy about those improvements.

I’ll get those projects completed soon enough.

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