Making bunting. Step 1.

After I took care of more dishes, put on some dinner – leftover turkey casserole that ended up being more soupy than cassarole-y. So much for THAT experiment – and made the bed, I started making some Halloween bunting.

Sewing at night.

And that’s as far as I got. I cut about a dozen triangles. And that’s it. I’m either going to have to make less time consuming dinners or do less chores. At this rate, it will be Halloween 2015 before I get one, little, bunting made. FORGET THAT! I’m doing less chores.

I’m using this tutorial. I’ll pick up some black double-fold bias tape at the Dressew (for like a quarter! I love that place!) and then on Thursday, I’ll finish it up. I hope. Tomorrow I’m getting a haircut after work, so good luck getting any sewing done then. Sheesh!

In other news, Mike ordered a pile of slides from ebay and they arrived today. There are slides dated from the 60’s all the way to the 80’s. The furniture! The TVs! Actually, the TVs are pretty little and sad-looking. How could they stand it? And kids with the Christmas presents. Also, the couches are pretty great.

Oh, the stories we’ll be making up for Found.Photo! They will be groovy. Mike even found a slide containing nudities. SCANDAL.

Not to worry, we won’t use that one. I’m sure it got in there by accident.

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