Making it modern?

Haven't sewn it yet.

I have had it in my mind to make a modern version of a Folded Star pattern. I made one of these in 80’s during a school break. It is definitely traditional and I was hoping to create some small Christmas ornaments with a modern twist. Thankfully the Fraser Valley Modern Quilt Guild is very tolerant and welcoming of traditional quilters making their way into modern quilting, but still, I’d like to get this right. If you’re not a modern quilter, just know that there’s a difference between traditional and modern quilting and uh, some people like to make a big deal pointing out which is which. The last thing I want to be is embarrassed in front of the modern guild! For shame!

ANYWAY, this is my attempt in making a more modern looking Folded Star pattern.

Folded Star bokeh

On one hand, I like the colour scheme. I also like the pairing up of a solid (definitely modern!) and fabric with a pattern on it.

However, it still does look a bit dated to me. I think because the colours aren’t quite right to qualify as modern. It seems like you either need a lot of white (or very light coloured fabric) OR a lot of black (or very dark coloured fabric). I’ll still sew this together, but will probably try another colour scheme for the ornament exchange. Right. I forgot to mention this project is for the guild’s ornament exchange in December. I’d better make it right!

It's okay. Not quite modern.

In other news, in a definitely modern twist, I finished that large hexie table runner. It’s sitting under my $5 Christmas tree I found thrifting in the summer.


I will keep experimenting – in between Advent calendar postings! Advent Calendar starts tomorrow! Huzzah!

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  1. Barb Mortell says:

    Hi Carol. I like the colours. Did you try turning the prairie points upside Dow, thereby eliminating the line in the middle, thus simplifying the design? Might work, might not. Just a thought.
    Love your blog!

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