One panel done!

My first panel of lanterns is done! Nearly…I still have to add the appliquéd pieces, but the major sewing pieces are finished. I’m a little tempted to stop with just one row – it does remind me of the layers of lanterns I see in Chinatown this time of year, but I will stick to my original plan with 3 rows.

I’m a leetttle bit worried that it’s not quite square even though I’ve done my best to square it up. I need to find a better way to square up longer pieces of quilting. I’ve never made it far enough with a big project for it to be a worry – I’m in new territory on this one. I’ll work on it tomorrow and since this week is quilting week – road trip to Abbotsford! I’ll take it with me to the quilt guild for tip and help if needed.

I picked this photo not only to show you panel 1! But also to show you my pigs kissing salt and pepper shakers, courtesy of my sister for Christmas. They have magnets in their noses. Heh.


  1. Leah says:

    That is so pretty! I can see why you might want to stop at one panel. Very nice.
    So. I have grave concerns of reaching for the salt and pulling the peper and assorted things on the table with it because of the magnet. I think I need more sleep!!!

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