I was so relieved it turned out, I took this photo this morning when it was done and done. It took me some time, and a couple of re-tries – I had to pick out some stitches not once, but twice – and had to re-do the snap, but it finally came together. Hooray! This little pouch also has a lining in it. I can hardly believe I made it work.

I shelled out the $5 and bought this pattern to make this little purse. The directions were great – I just panicked a few times and paused a few times, but, after getting some tips from the quilting guild members after show and tell on Thursday, it came together. PHEW! I’m glad! I think I could make another one after this. I’m not even afraid of the snaps anymore. I just hope it stays put. Remember those grommets I put on Mike’s lunch purse? Yes. His lunch purse – he puts his glasses case in there now, so once you start putting anything but lunch in your bag? It’s a purse. Heh.

Anyway, the grommets have started to pull apart. Bummer. I think I should make another one.

And I will make another one, because I think I can! And thanks to friends like this:

and many others, I can make any kinda bag I want.

Thanks friends!

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