Stitching up the binding

Stitching up the binding

Turns out I do have a tote bag big enough for my queen sized quilt. I packed it in there and took it with me to work on the train. The time just flies by while sewing on the skytrain. Before I know it, I’m at Granville Station. I’m not quite 1/4 finished. I will keep this up at every spare moment I’ve got this week, which many not be much. Today, tomorrow and the next day is the Fall Portfolio Show for the school where I work. There’s lots to be done and Wednesday will be a late night. After that, Quilt Guild night. It’s shaping up to be a busy week. Best get my stitching in wherever I can get it! Just probably not at the show. I think they’d frown on that.

While I was stitching, Oscar sat in the acorn chair.

Oscar watching me stitch

He’s just waiting for me to finish this quilt so he can lay all over it. He was under the quilt yesterday, which made it difficult for me to sew. Oscar is pretty heavy and he’s got claws that he was digging into the quilt. This also makes for difficult sewing times.

Back at it! I’m so CLOSE to finishing this one! Huzzah!

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