That’s a wrap!

Donner on the bed

DONE! I got it finished! HOORAY! Finally! I finished a quilt!

We'll be sleeping under this tonight!

Happily, the Halloween quilt made it through the washer and the dryer (I put extra lavender sticks in the dryer balls for such a special occasion) and it feels pretty nice now that it’s all washed up.

All washed up

It actually feels much lighter than I expected. But it’s 100% done. DONE!

Donner also gave his approval.

YES!He rolled around on it until he got sick of me taking his photo. But still! Finished!

Here’s a little peak of the back. I put a strip of some of the jelly roll on the back, because it’s the modern way.

Flipped it!

Now that I’ve actually got one queen-sized quilt under my belt, I started thinking about my next project. For some reason I am drawn to this folded star quilt pattern. I want to figure out a way to make it look more modern and less old fashioned. Or maybe, I don’t have to worry about what’s too modern or what’s not modern enough. I should just try it and see how it turns out. I love the hand sewing part of this pattern and I love having a project I can take with me wherever I go. That’s one thing I miss about crocheting. Also, I have quite a few charm squares I can use. I’ll get cracking on that and see what happens.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving (it was Thanksgiving in Canada today) I would have to say I’m grateful for family, the kitties, friends, delicious food, and finishing the Halloween quilt.


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