Three little, one big.

3 tiny blocks, 1 big one.

I knocked off 3 teeny blocks – that one on the bottom left? WHOA. Those were teeny pieces. I had to cut 1 inch pieces to start with for that block. Yay! Getting them done!

And to get a break from the tiny, squares, I finished up the great big fox from last weekend. He’s an Arctic Fox in a field of strawberries. I haven’t decided yet if I want to put another row of yellow stripes around him, but I just might. This would be a lap size quilt if I go that route. I’ll think about it for a bit before I commit.

In other news, good thing I checked to see what time the Chinese New Year parade starts tomorrow because we’d be a week early if we did show up tomorrow. I could just picture us, standing in the rain, waiting for the Lion Dancers to come, and waiting…that would be sad.

But then I remembered that time the Olympics tried to bump/cancel the Chinese New Year parade in 2010 and the Chinese parade people were all, “HA! The Chinese New Year Parade stops for no one. Not even you, The Olympics!” and The Olympics was all, “Okay. Fine, Chinese New Year Parade, but you have to start at 9 am on Sunday.”. Then the Chinese New Year Parade said, “DEAL!” and high fived The Olympics.

At least that’s how I like to think it happened.

So, yah, Chinese New Year parade is NEXT Sunday at the very civilized hour of 11 am in Chinatown.

Tomorrow? I’ll sleep in a little, finish the laundry, and go see some friends in Burnaby.


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