Time. For. Dinner.

The Oscar stare.Oscar and Donner get fed dinner at 10 pm. After Donner had his teeth removed, we started feeding both boyz wet food and Oscar LOVES it. Somehow he knows when it’s time for dinner – he’ll give me the Oscar stare around 9:30. Very unnerving. About 9:50, he’ll start poking me with his pointy claws, and then comes that worst part. The weird, tiny & whiny meows. Oof. The only thing worse than those pathetic little meows at 9:45 pm are the horrible, unpleasant meows at 6:45 am. Thankfully the Smashy Brothers Choir sleep in now that the nights are longer. Thanks, kitties.

Every day this week I’ve been telling myself I’ll be sewing. However, tonight was the only night I sat down at the sewing machine. I’m not sure why I’m distracting myself with other things. I really do want to get better and also finish this Sew-As-You-Go quilt. It is taking about an hour for each block at this point. I think I’ve got 7 left to make. I made 1 and a half tonight.

1 1/2 blocks sewn tonight

Sewing at night! Not the best way to see the quilt blocks, but you get the gist.

After this project is done, I think I’ll do a small one – like a table runner for Christmas or something.

I shall soldier on.

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