The free side of the Chinese gardens

by Carol Browne on August 25, 2015 · 0 comments

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The free side.

Today on my lunch hour, I had to run the errand of getting the car insured. Thankfully, there was a place to do that right in Chinatown – a part of town I love and completely forgot that I’m very close to working in Gastown. It’s only 4 or 5 blocks away – albeit some scary blocks away. There are many sad, down-on-their-luck folks en route to Chinatown via Gastown. It’s one of the toughest parts of town, right past Pigeon Park.


Two blocks across the street from the saddest part of Vancouver is Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Gardens. There’s a paid part (that I used to frequent all the time!) and the “free” side – a public park. After the car errand (that was SO FAST. No line ups, nothing. I was done in 10 minutes!) I had time leftover to visit the free side. Excellent choice if I do say so myself.

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Chinatown at dusk

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Dusk in Chinatown

I had a photoshoot tonight in Chinatown, which was lovely. On my way home, I took some photos on the very quiet street to the skytrain. It was a peaceful walk, which I didn’t even realize until I started typing this just now.

Most of the shops were closed, but the Gum Wing was open.
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More and more Chinese New Year parade photos

by Carol Browne on February 3, 2014 · 0 comments

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We just got home from seeing The Lego Movie, which was adorable, feel good, and happy. And awesome. AND it was in 3D – the best surprise of ALL. I will watch every and all 3D movies no matter what the story is. So far, nearly every movie was a fun treat – this one especially. Will Farrel in 3D was terrific.

You know where we saw this movie? In Chinatown. In the same area we saw the parade yesterday! We saw the God of Wealth:

I’m pretty sure this is a new God of Wealth. It’s not the same guy that was leading the parade a few years ago. Perhaps the other one retired?

Along with the Happy Dragon Boys, there were several other dragons, and of course, the Lion Dancers. My favourite!
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Let me tell you about last night…

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…because today we cleaned out the garage and went to the dump. And the recycling station. Even I couldn’t find any inspiration for photography in that scenario. And there will be no shameful, “before and after” photos, either. Why on earth do I feel the need to keep all the boxes I’ve ever received, empty, piled in a corner? Not good. We broke them all down and took them to be recycled into something. Maybe more cardboard boxes? If that’s the case, they had better never darken our door again. Sheesh. Anyway, the garage is much cleaner now and I think after one more run to the dump, we can open the garage door without feeling embarrassed one bit. And I hope we sweep more often so that the dust bunnies are not the actually size of bunnies. I think they were dust bunnies made of spider webs. Oof.
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Welcome to the Water Dragon

January 29, 2012

Not only is the Year of the Dragon zodiac sign, but it’s the year of the Water Dragon. According to this website, this means the water will calm the dragon down, so that it’s not quite as tough as he usually is. Hooray! A friendly dragon? I’m in! I loved How To Train Your Dragon.

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Chinatown during Chinese New Year

January 25, 2012

Today’s post will mostly revolve around fruit, specifically Chinese fruit. My new buddy, Annie, picked up some frozen durian fruit in her travels. I didn’t take a photo of it because it was just in a package. Besides, the important part of this fruit is not how it looks as much as how it smells. […]

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Under the trees

October 17, 2011

Yesterday in our travels, we found some beautiful foliage at a park called Andy Livingstone Park – a lovely park right next to Dr. Sun Yat Sen Gardens. I never ventured over that way, because I’m always in a hurry to get to the Chinese Gardens and just figured it was a crappy old empty […]

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Up with the birds

October 16, 2011

I asked my Chinese buddy at work what time Chinatown opens on Sunday morning. “Early.” He said. “Like 8:00. And if you go then, all the old people are out.”. Does he know what he’s talking about or what? My buddy, Lelainia and I headed into Chinatown early this morning – we got there around […]

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Membership has its privileges

February 26, 2011

Yesterday I was tweeted by Donna at Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Chinese Gardens that since it was the 25th day of the month (the gardens are celebrating their 25th anniversary all year long), they were having special treats for the visitors AND if you were a member (like me!) you were allowed up to the TING! […]

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Day 3 of the parade

February 8, 2011

These parade photos are never going to end! I think I’ll put up one more day of parade photos after this set. I could put them up for a week, but I don’t want to compete with Llama week, back in 2009. Llama week was a pretty fun week, that’s for sure. Happily, this year […]

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