…and I did NOT get towed!

I mostly remained calm as soon as I realized the parking meter ate $16 of my dollars. There was a technical difficulty with the machine. But after I called ALL the numbers dotted around the posters, emailed the Impark people directly and left the note above on the windshield, I was rewarded by having a car to drive after the big fancy work dinner tonight! Hooray! Thank you, Impark! Even though I didn’t talk to a single person, I didn’t get a ticket or towed. Their system works! Well, it worked for me this time, anyway.

I went for a lovely staff dinner tonight and enjoyed/overindulged in the most un-vegan dinner on the planet. After dinner I had some time before picking up Mike, so I went for an after dinner stroll down Robson Street, over to Georgia…

…took some photos outside the Vancouver Art Gallery. It was quiet there tonight. So, I hopped in the car and went to the Olympic Village and took photos of the city from there.

I like that this one turned out like a painting.

I’ve been such the social butterfly that this is the second night in a row that I wasn’t home before 10:30 pm. Phew! So I’ve got big plans to come home tomorrow right after work and hang out in my pajamas. I’ll be living large on a Friday night.

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