The grumpiest superhero

Rainy bokeh

This bokeh was taken through the window on the skytrain tonight. It was a little rainy and a little chilly. But it didn’t snow! No arctic temperatures were experienced today. The weather person was incorrect. That hardly ever happens. And it looks like it’s nothing but sun for the rest of the week. Delightful! No danger of forgetting my umbrella on the train again, like the last time. And the time before that. Oh, and the time before that time. I have started to buy the cheapest umbrellas and lunch bags I can find. The city of Vancouver is littered with my irresponsibility.

All day yesterday and tonight we’ve been watching Jessica Jones – a netflix show about a super hero named, well, Jessica Jones. She is a very grumpy, reluctant superhero. I understand, she’s had a hard life. But jeez, Jessica, lighten up! Apparently this is somehow related to Daredevil (another superhero show that I really, really loved) and the villain in the show is an old Doctor Who (David Tennant! Yay!). I won’t say how many episodes we watched yesterday, just know that tonight we’re watching the very last episode of the season.

This was quite the binge watch! Also, so much stabbing. And mind control is no laughing matter.

Remember that!

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