Messing with the gimmicks on my camera

On the phone

After the battery died on my cell phone on the skytrain today, I took out my camera and tried to figure out how to apply the double exposure feature right on my camera! Cool! I found this tutorial (via pinterest) and it’s for a Canon (I use a Nikon) but I thought I could figure it out somehow. I played around with that feature and came up with the photo above – that’s a skytrain seat with a rip in it put over the photo of the lady with the phone. I like how it turned out. I then tried it with a bus at Surrey Central.

Not In Service

Boo! Scary, kids! A bus floating in the lights! I LIKE THIS! You know what this means, don’t you? MORE DOUBLE EXPOSURES! I will probably go overboard with this technique because that tends to be my style. Oh well. I’ll try to hold back.

THEN, I accidentally found the fisheye function on the camera. SQUEEE!

Fisheye! Fisheye!

I didn’t even know I had a fisheye function on this camera. Huzzah! While it is not as clear as a proper fisheye lens, I’m pretty sure it will look great with daytime photos – especially flowers and building. SO…I will be taking fisheye photos tomorrow in the sunshine. With flowers. I think the flowers and trees will look pretty cool fisheye style.

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